The MOOTS Difference

Does Ti have the same performance characteristics as other high-end materials?

Titanium is the ideal material for high-end bikes. With Moots titanium, we “tune” the ride quality to deliver exacting Performance characteristics in each and every frame we build, for every size in the line-up. No other material provides such a perfect balance of stiffness and liveliness, responsiveness and control, high- performance and comfort, light weight and durability. The result is a magical ride quality that will remain for life.

How Does Moots Titanium Compare to High-End Carbon?

There are a variety of advantages Moots titanium, when compared to carbon, from ride quality to performance, and value to overall lifespan. For an in-depth look at how the materials compare.

How does the ride quality of Moots titanium compare to high-end carbon?

Today’s high-end titanium, and especially Moots Pi Tech tubing, achieves much greater stiffness than the Ti of yesteryear. At a given weight, though, carbon generally tends to be a bit stiffer. To achieve that stiffness, however, carbon sacrifices the lively, responsive feel of titanium delivering instead diminished road damping and a feeling of a lifeless, “wooden” ride. Few owners of high-end carbon bikes would describe the ride as comfortable, and it certainly isn’t when compared to Ti. In the end, titanium delivers significantly more ride comfort and ability for a personally tuned ride than carbon can, without ever sacrificing performance.

Is there much of a weight difference between Moots titanium and other high-end materials?

Apples to apples, when compared to Moots Ti fame, a steel frame is definitely heavier. A high-end carbon frame, on the other hand, can weigh slightly less than a Moots frame. But you would probably be surprised at how insignificant the weight different is, especially when you consider that a frame typically makes up only 15-20% of the overall weight of a bike. The price you pay for those grams is a lot, in cost, comfort, durability and lifespan.

How does Titanium compare to other materials in durability?

Metals like steel and aluminum, while resistant to initial impact damage, soften over time, sacrificing key performance. Carbon, on the other hand, has poor Impact resistance and can easily form areas of

weakness in the frame, even when hit with normal road and trail debris. And it doesn’t fare well in either low or high-speed bike crashes. Titanium, on the other hand, lasts a lifetime. Not the lifetime of the bike, but your lifetime. Moots titanium bikes are lifetime bikes. They are extremely durable, lasting for decades and never losing the magical ride quality that they rolled out of the factory with. It’s a claim no other Frame material can deliver.

Why do you build bikes one at a time, by hand?

To us, it’s the only way to build a great bike and control the process so we can guarantee the result. Each Moots frame is crafted by hand, by a small team of passionate cyclists in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We don’t use molds or any form of mass production to build our frames. Which means we can truly customize your frame for fit, intended ride quality and a variety of individual features that make your Moots a truly one-of-a-kind bike.


Behold, the magical, mystery material. For two decades, we’ve built our bike frames exclusively out of premium US-made, Moots Pi Tech 3/2.5 titanium tubing. Why? Because no other material allows us the ability to finely tune every single frame to achieve the perfect ride quality in every single bike we make. We custom spec a proprietary blend of tube diameters and wall thicknesses for every single frame style and individual size in our line. This ensures that every single frame that leaves the factory delivers the same distinct ride characteristics, whether in the smallest or largest size in the fleet. Each and every tube is cold-worked, stress relieved seamless tubing that meets exacting specs for durability, stiffness, weight, and ultimately, ride experience. When you consider the lifetime you get out of each frame, it adds up to the perfect, magical frame material. The simple fact is: no other frame material can withstand the day-to-day rigors of the ride quite like ti. A Moots titanium frame will not deaden, loosen, crack, or otherwise degrade in its performance or comfort over time like virtually every other bike material on the planet. And it will outlast several generations of carbon fiber or aluminum frames, and always perform like the day you first rolled it out of your local shop. Down the road, we can even refinish your well-ridden Moots frame to look like new without compromising any of the materials properties though our Refurb Program.